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B.S Computer Science Student
Minor in Mathematics
Expected Graduation 2024

Contact Me

Discord: MSWS#9499


Server Statistics

A website scraper and data parser to track player statistics of a CS (or any Source) server. Natively integrated with GameTracker. Was originally publicly hosted using Heroku using Java Springboot as the framework. Further updated with Xenforo API support for auto-posting.

TamperMonkey Scripts

TypeScript TamperMonkey browser scripts to enhance website functionality and automate tedious tasks. Utilizied TypeScript, ESLinting, and GitHub Actions for CI/CD.


The classic Tetris game written in Python. Uses pyautogui for game menu and input listening. Modular styling and gameplay files. Supports ghost piece highlighting and next piece preview(s).

This Website

View the commits and very source code of this website right on GitHub. Uses GitHub Pages with CSS and JavaScript for styling and functionality.

Interested in more?

You can view all my open source projects on my GitHub.

I'm also on...

YouTube Where I make fun videos.

Steam Where I spend most of my freetime.

Spigot Where I code Minecraft plugins.

PayPal If you're feeling generous ;)